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"Like one of the characters in the fantasy novels that inspire her, LA-based singer/songwriter Devon Thompson’s fate lay preordained when she attended a Tool concert with her mother… while still in the womb. Her music has a timeless rock quality: catchy choruses and distorted guitars. It doesn’t play the microgenre game but is, instead, simply quality writing. What sets her apart is the way Thompson presents her image straight out of the world of the fantasy that she loves. Dark fantasy box? Checked."

~ Glide Magazine

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 8.03.22 PM.png

Napoleon is an ode to blocking toxic, soul sucking people from your life.
It's that "Final Straw" before hexing an unrequited love.

~ Devon Thompson

“A Blistering new song about unreturned affection…"
V13 Magazine

"Soft Like Water"

"Soft Like Water is a seething, raw, and potent song about a re-discovery of one’s self after losing yourself to someone, and finding a new darker perspective to approach life."
Devon Thompson

"Devon's voice exists between self aware breathiness and full throated howls with emotional grit underneath all the while, and I thought of artists like PJ Harvey, Sarah Bettens, Johnette Napolitano."
American Pancake

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