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Coverage for “Skin”

Glide Magazine - Interview

Coverage for “Napoleon”

Alfitude - track review 

Alfitude - Ones to Watch Spotify Playlist

Femm Music - news item

The Indie Review - NMF Round up + Playlist

Rock Era Magazine - news item

V13 - Rad new Rock Playlist

LA on Lock - track review

LA on Lock “Travis’ Picks” - spotify playlist

Music City Melodies  -  News Item

Music Existence - Best new releases 

She Makes Music - track feature

The Wild is Calling “ Best New Rock” - Spotify Playlist

Zone Nights “La Musiquita” - Spotify playlist

Zone Nights  - track review 

Coverage  for “Soft Like Water”

AXS TV -  Music  video included in the High Five feature

American Pancake-  - track review

Beats Per Minute - single Feature 

Buzzbands LA - Ears Wide Open feature

Buzzbands KCSN 88.5 - On air Playlist inclusion  

Chorus FM - track feature

The Honey Pop- Artists on the Rise Spotify Playlist

Chorus FM - track feature

FEMM Music - track feature

Ghettoblaster Magazine- track feature

Icon vs Icon  - track feature 

Music Junkie Press - Song Spotlight

She Makes Music - Artist Feature 

Riot Rage Magazine - Track Feature

Strange Rock on a Silver Platter - Spotify Playlist 

GRRL Spotify Playlist - Spotify Playlist

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